Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seed Parables and The Spring Garden

Every spring when I plant my garden I am reminded of the seed parables in Matthew Chapter 13, as well as Matthew 17:20. Gardening in so miraculous, I am amazed every year. I have been going through some of Jesus' parables with my Sunday school class,and, because we are a rural church, seed and planting references make for tangible lessons. I hope the spring garden will encourage everyone to read these parables. Every time a gardener plants a seed faith is involved- you can buy the best seed, mix the best soil, use the best fertilizer, water, and keep pests at bay (as much as possible), weed, weed, weed- it is still not the gardener who is making that plant grow. I planted my corn, beans and squash two weekends ago, the week was a great week for seeds, warm, with just enough rain- still though, I am always eager to see if the seeds come up. This weekend, I went out to check on the garden, pluck a few weeds, and to my surprise all my little seedlings were up. Since I was a child gardening with my grandma and through the last 12 years of actively gardening I have seen seeds come up every year- it does not get old- the whole family loves to see the seeds come up. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this miracle for themselves- there is still plenty of planting time left. I have included pictures of my little baby sprouts, as well tomato blossoms, and a pretty late spring rose. Hope everyone is having a great week and gearing up for a great Father's Day weekend.

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