Saturday, May 15, 2010

Late Spring Garden

I was out in the garden last week, the sun was shining, and the lavender was blooming. I have a lot of weeding to catch up on this weekend, as well as planting the rest of my tomatoes, and swiss chard. I have been having trouble with toadstools in the garden, my grandma has suggested that I add lime, so I will be adding that to my raised beds this weekend. One group of toadstools looked so cool though I had to include it in my blog. Last week a few little mushrooms popped up in the moss surrounding my little maple tree, and within a week they were huge. We haven't seen a "fairy ring" since we lived near our woods, we figured this was pretty close, and were quite happy with them. I also included some pictures of the moss garden I am working on, and the gnomes that inhabit the mossy hills.

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  1. Oh, my I love your little moss fairy garden! It's adorable! One of my gnomes or plum folk would fit right in there. Thanks so much for visiting us at Chocolate Eyes and entering the giveaway. Good luck!



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